In Estonia and other Nordic countries this Sunday is known as Father’s day. What to do with or for your father that day? Some gift ideas from us follow below. 

What could be better to start the Sunday with proper breakfast and hot coffee? The first plan is to surprise father with delicious breakfast. Whether a pot of porridge, sweet waffles, plentiful toastie or some more complicated recipe, the most important is that you have prepared it yourself. Even better, serve the breaky straight to bed.


You can make sure that your father is all suited up and handsome while attending upcoming birthday or christmas parties, if you add a new and cute bow-tie to his collection. Colourful or not, wooden on cottony, the bow-tie or neck-tie – it is your’s to choose. Take a look at these Estonian ties called MYT (the price of the one on the picture is 40€), which are available here.



It is time to change the fact that the beauty-world is known as a thing only for women. Living in the crisp Nordic climate your dad can definitely use a moisturising cream or lip-balm to survive. If he has moustache or beard, then it is even easier to find a nice product for taking care of it. A nice example of men’s beauty products is Nurme from Estonia, the collection is all natural and made in Estonia. Soap for men, after-shave serum, lip-balm and so on with prices starting from 3,60€ ._Q8Q1708

Your father hardly finds a reason to start his home-cooking career? How can your dad stay stylish while experi-menting in the kitchen? The classy, sexy and functional Tie & Apron is a top-notch Father’s Day gift. See the resellers or buy from the online-shop (price 49 €).



All the fixing and constructing and building is the duty of fathers. Whether there’s something to fix at home, in the garage or office a practical helping tool is probably needed. Search for suitable tools from different home improvement stores. There’s a nice and very stylish solution from Scott & Lawson, their mini 6-IN-1 tool-set is on the picture and available here.


If all the necessary things are already existing and there’s no need for more gifts, the Father’s Day can be just a well-spent day for the family. Walking tour in the town, hiking in the forest, visiting a cool museum (for example in Estonia we have the Energy Discovery Centre  and Healthcare Museum which are pretty awesome) or staying home and watching a good movie – just enjoy the day! We think that every sunday should be like this!

Images via mynameisyeh.com , MYTNURMETie&ApronRahva Raamat

Oot-Oot Studio wishes awesome Father’s Day to all the dear fathers!