We’re happy to present the latest addition to our collection – simple and functional Dot stool. Natural ash wood together with industrial felt gives the stool warm and cosy appearance, the form is nordicly clear based on functional aspects, design by Joonas Torim and Mihkel Mölder.

“The design process was driven by three main focuses: the combination of ash wood and industrial felt, maximal stackability and general functionality.” designer Mihkel Mölder explains the new product.


Exciting material combination

Inspired by the combination of natural ash wood and industrial felt, the appearance of the stool is warm and cozy. The industrial felt looks like a soft woolen fabric, yet has remained some similarities to plastic. The felt is lasting, the stains are easy to clean with clean paper towel or moist sponge.

Maximal stackability

The thought-out design with three legs and proper shape makes the Dot stool easily stackable. It is possible to heap up the maximum of eight stools.

Practical to use

The Dot stool is light, needs not much space and is stackable. Industrial felt is easy to clean. The Dot can be used very versatilely – around the dining table or in office nook, stacked in the corner waiting for quests, as a coffee table in small spaces or stand for flower-pots.


Dot stool comes in two colors – light or dark grey. The ash wood lathe work legs are finished with transparent varnish. Dot is available for purchasing online and in our showroom.

Info, prices and ordering: DOT STOOL