Which materials are used for making the Bench? 

The frame of the bench is made of medium-density fibreboard, which is coated with natural oak veneer. The edges of the Bench are made with 2 mm wooden edging. The Bench has ash wood lathe work legs. The doors are made of colored high-pressure laminate and slide on aluminium mouldings. The TV Bench is finished with matte varnish.

What is the color of the Bench?

The color of the frame is natural oak wook. Every Bench has three reversible doors, which have different colors on both sides. The color of the legs is natural ash wood. The colors are white, light gray and dark gray.

What means “reversible doors”? 

It means that you can change the colors of the doors everyday if you want to!

The doors of the Bench are easily reversible. Both sides have different colors, so according to the mood or weather or something else, it is easy to change the face of your Bench. There is no need to use a screwdriver or some other appliance, the only tools needed are your hands.

Do I have to use all the 3 doors?

Ofcourse not. The system of the Bench allows to use the doors given just as needed. You can have all the three doors on your Bench or just use one. It is all up to you and very easy to do.

Does the Bench have any shelves?

There are two shelve boards that come with the Bench and three different heights in every section for them. It is possible to put both shelves in one section or use them in different sections.


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