The furniture company created by designers Marko Ala and Joonas Torim focuses on living room furniture. ‘Our product range includes sofas and armchairs, ottomans and stools, and now beds as well.’

A Scandinavian sense of style and clean and light forms are the keywords that characterise the Oot-Oot Studio furniture. ‘Our design process is very long. For example, we made almost half a hundred prototypes of the Voog armchair before we reached the perfection of form and design which conveys our vision. Proportions are very important to us!’ The whole product development took a year and a half.

‘Sofas and armchairs should be beautiful, but ergonomics is just as important!’ Ergonomics is a science. Every person is different and so are people’s sitting habits and expectations for comfort. Some like a rigid sofa that supports their back, some want as soft a sofa as possible. That is why it is good to try out as many sofas as possible and find the best solution for you. ‘In Oot-Oot Studio, we have made sure that different models have different characteristics. The selection includes both soft feather sofas and armchairs with back support.

Good design is high-quality and durable.
To make the furniture as durable as possible, we use only the best materials. We make the sofa frames from high-quality solid wood and birch plywood, which is significantly more durable than particle board. HR (High Resilience) foams are used on German metal springs. The HR foams are slightly stiffer than ordinary foams, but also last several times longer. ‘The Voog armchair frame is constructed of metal and manufactured using mold casting technology. The same technology is used, for example, in the manufacture of airplane and train seats, where the seats must be comfortable for at least 10 years. At homes, such a solution will last for decades.’

A durable product is more environmentally friendly!
The longer the product life, the greener it is. If the product lasts longer, the production process must be repeated less often. In this way, we save energy, material, fuel otherwise used during transport, and the time it takes to produce and look for a new sofa. Oot-Oot Studio’s philosophy is sustainability through durability.

Good design deserves to be renewed.
Before Oot-Oot Studio, when we were restoring Scandinavian furniture from the 50’s and 60’s, we saw that well-thought-out and beautiful designer products have many lives.’ Restoration work is time consuming and expensive, but if the product is awesome, people want to use it again and again. With new fabric and upholstery, the sofas and armchairs look fresh and beautiful again and can be used for many years. Anonymous design made of particle board is generally not restored but taken to the waste dump.

The entire furniture selection is designed and manufactured in Estonia.
Today, Oot-Oot Studio employs three designers: Marko Ala, Joonas Torim, and Mihkel Mölder. The entire design, construction, prototyping, and production process takes place in close cooperation with our many partners all over Estonia. We are very grateful to them for helping us to create products with the best value for money. It is in this way that more and more homes and offices will be able to purchase beautiful and durable furniture.

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High quality at the best price!
Our mission is to provide high-quality design at a reasonable price. To achieve this, different solutions must be implemented. For example, we do not use resellers. We only sell our products directly in our showroom and online. This helps us offer a better price by at least a third. We also do not have a showroom in every city. The maintenance of a showroom is very expensive and significantly increases the price of the product. We have only one studio-salon in Tallinn, where we also do our design work on a daily basis. Instead, we invest in the development of our e-store. Efficiency is very important to us. We pay a lot of attention to it in product development, production, and management. All this helps us to create a better design and offer higher quality, keeping the price as reasonable as possible!