While our online store has a limited selection of furniture fabrics, you can choose a suitable furniture cover from 40 different fabrics and furniture leathers in our salon. On average, there are around 30 different colours for each fabric.

Soft, natural as well as easy-to-clean and durable polyester furniture fabrics are represented. We provide a wide range of colours for different velvet and woollen fabrics.

The selection includes both OEKO-TEX® and EU Ecolabel certified fabrics, which ensure that the fabrics are tested, free of dangerous chemicals, and produced under conditions that are both people and environmentally friendly.

Quality furniture leathers from Sorensen ( are available for the LEAF sofa collection.


Wooly is a stylish Italian refined wool that brings out furniture’s beautiful form. The fabric consists of 70% wool. Its abrasion resistance is high – 150 000 Martinadale. Wool is the most easily cleanable natural fibre fabric. Nonetheless we suggest to use only special cleaning products to remove stains or dry cleaning for general dirtiness. With our stain tests we have conquered both coffee and red wine stains. Wooly is a fabric with high bleach resistance and therefore suits well also to bright sunny rooms.

Cosmo is a flat woven boucle upholstery, with a rough texture and soft surface.

Megan is a high-quality 100% polyester velvet fabric with a high resistance to abrasion – 170 000 Martindale cycles. The fabric is soft, yet with a dense fibre which makes it suit well for homes with also pets. It is highly recommended for modern interiors. The fabric is also water repellent. We suggest to use only special upholstery cleaning products to remove stains and recommend weekly regular cleaning with a vacuum cleaner soft nozzle or dry cleaning for general dirtiness.

Bordeaux is a soft and comfortable upholstery fabric that is very easy to clean. Bordeaux is water-resistant, resistant to heavy wear and has good colour fastness. These features make it ideal for families with children and pets.


General maintenance is necessary to keep the furniture looking good and to extend its life. Clean upholstered furniture regularly with a vacuum cleaner that has a special nozzle for upholstered furniture and not at full power. Use a soft brush or damp cloth to remove dust and other non-sticky and greasy stains.

To avoid water damage and permanent stains, remove any dirt that gets on the furniture immediately. The longer the dirt stays on the upholstered furniture, the more difficult it becomes to remove it. If necessary, chemical cleaning should be used.

To clean and maintain soft furniture, use commercially available furniture care products, and follow the special purpose and instructions given on their packaging. If possible, always test the suitability of the cleaning agent on a small, inconspicuous area first. In addition, always remove liquids and solid dirt residues from upholstered furniture before further cleaning. Clean the stain as many times as necessary.

Always allow the fabric to dry completely after cleaning before using the furniture again. Never use heat to remove stains. We recommend using professional chemical cleaning for upholstered furniture 2-3 times a year for public spaces and less often in the home environment.