BOB Sofa Bed 220

BOB – an elegant and sculptural sofa bed, characterised by clean lines and airiness.

We have a specially designed functional sofa bed that is perfect for small homes or rooms with multiple functions.

First of all, we have designed the sofa bed to have a real mattress inside, so that the comfort of your sleep is guaranteed. Furthermore, there is no mess of cushions when you open the sofa bed, everything stays intact and hidden inside the sofa bed.
The sleeping area of the new sofa bed is made particularly comfortable by 195 × 140 / 160 cm foam mattress, which can be unfolded in one simple movement and then reassembled later. Thanks to its minimalist finish, the BOB sofa bed can be viewed 360°. The sophisticated system allows the sofa bed to be taken apart, giving you the option of moving it easily or replacing parts if necessary.

The total length of the sofa is 200 or 220 cm, which can seat 2-3 people. The BOB solid wood legs are cylindrical and you can choose between two colours – black or natural. Underneath the subtle form is strength that lasts. From the wide range of fabrics in the salon, you can find a personalised material and shade for the sofa bed or you can order free fabric sample set here.

Design: Oot-Oot Studio

Length: 220 cm

Depth: 110 cm

Height: 88 cm

Seat depth: 62 cm

Seat height: 50 cm

Sleeper dimensions: 160×195 cm

Depth as a bed: 220 cm

Framework: metal frame, solid birch wood, birch plywood

Upholstery: high-class HR polyurethane foam

Sleeper: Bonnell spring mattress

Legs: ash wood, protective felts under the legs

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