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How to recognize a high-quality and ergonomic sofa? What kind of furniture fabric is easily cleaned? What colors and styles are timeless and look fresh even as the years pass? These and many other questions are answered by Marko Ala, the designer at Oot-Oot Studio.

The sofa will last long if its frame is made out of metal, or solid wood and plywood. Sawdust plate is not the best option in couch structures. It is very important that the polyurethane foam used is durable, preferably HR-polyurethane foam (high resilience). Cheap polyurethane foams will lose their shape in just a few years. High-quality ones do go a little softer, but keep their form for many years. Seat cushions should definitely rest on metal zig-zag springs rather than rubber bands that stretch out.

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Furniture fabrics
Great furniture fabrics have high wear resistance, they repel dirt and are easily cleaned. For example, soft velvet. When choosing a fabric, it would be smart to check its composition and wear indicator (Martindale test), which should be at least 40000 if its meant for home use. Cotton fabrics are the most fragile, but fabric pilling is the most common among fabric blends and acrylic fabrics. Polyester fabrics are the most durable and easily maintained. In Oot-Oot Stuudio you can consult designers who work with fabrics on a daily basis and can help you choose the best fabric for you. That means different factors like lifestyle, pets, small children and the interior design of the room can be taken into account.
Great furniture fabric is also environmentally friendly. OEKO-TEX® and EU Ecolabel certified fabrics ensure that fabrics are tested, free from hazardous chemicals and produced under conditions friendly to humans and nature.

Ergonomics and Comfort
Sofas have different ergonomics, and in order to find the right one, you should find out whether you would prefer something softer or stiffer. Whether you prefer a sofa with a deeper seating area to comfortably lie down or a narrow sofa with a more of an upright sitting position. Sofas with feather, springs or polyurethane foam have a very different feel. It can not be claimed that one is better than the other, you just have to try them out and find the most pleasant for yourself. Comfortable sofas usually have a slight inclination towards the backrest. The inclination is small, but the change in the feel of it is significant. Also, a great sofa has a decent support for the lower back.

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A well-designed sofa is a comfortable and visually pleasing whole. Designer furniture with perfect proportions stays fresh and timeless and also has an after-market value compared to anonymous production. Such sofas are more environmentally friendly, because they are worth renovating and can be resold again and again and last for a long time.
High legs make furniture visually lighter. The floor surface that is visible from under the sofa, makes the room seem more spacious. It is also easier for a robot vacuum to clean underneath this type of sofa.
Classic fabrics without any specific trendy features or patterns are generally the ones that are pleasant even as the years pass. Natural whites, different grays and stylish blues are always popular options.

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Sofa beds
However, when choosing a sofa bed, one must be extremely attentive. It is actually quite difficult to find a great sofa bed that would be comfortable to sit on, pleasant to sleep in, and that would also look beautiful at the same time. Sofa beds tend to have a frame that reaches the floor, which, especially in a small room, makes them look rather clunky. Oot-Oot Studio developed an airy sofa bed FOLD, that opens up easily by lifting the seat part towards the front and folding down the backrest. This kind of a solution that is on a strong metal structure has a few moving parts which makes it a long-lasting solution.

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When choosing a sofa, the priority is to find a reliable company. It is better to prefer domestic high-quality manufacturers as they have more control over their products. If you want something that is great and cheap then you would unfortunately have to buy two sofas, a great one and a cheap one. High-quality fabrics and durable filling materials tend to be more expensive. But in the end, it is still more economical and environmentally friendly to buy one great sofa.

If you are not an interior designer yourself, then it is worth choosing upholstered furniture from a company who is employing designers. The sofas that are designed by experienced designers, are generally more beautiful, desirable, with better proportions, and also significantly more ergonomic and comfortable. If finding the right design for the room seems complicated, you can always ask for advice from our store, where there are specialists with an excellent sense of style and a lot of professional experience. Together we will certainly find the best solution!

Oot-Oot Stuudio is an Estonian furniture manufacturer who values high quality and great design. The range includes sofas, armchairs and beds. Check out the products HERE.

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