On April 20-22th Estonia’s biggest interior design fair Interjöör 2018 took place. Oot-Oot Studio introduced new products at the fair.

It is said that there can never be enough of a good thing. However as much as there are different people in the world, there are different opinions and tastes. We have taken that into account and upgraded our armchair collection so that we can continue offering good design, functionality and ergonomics in various forms. Today we have four different armchair designs. The fourth, armchair NOA, is classical and soft. It is constructed on a wooden frame and it has HR foam and zig-zag springs inside which make it comfortable and durable. Armrest made out of ash wood, natural and black colored, lets you rest your hands to full amplitude. NOA and its footstool are great companion for entertaining friends in the living room, relaxation moments in (home) office and so that you can enjoy those rare days where you lose yourself for hours into a good book.

interior design fair interior design fair interior design fair

interior design fairinterior design fair

For those whose heart belongs to our armchair VOOG we surprise with new footstool and metal legs. Now VOOG is not only held up by natural wooden or black wooden legs, but also by black slim metal legs. Irrespective of what your interior longs for, Oot-Oot Studio now has both warm wooden legs and industrial metal legs. Footstool will offer you an opportunity to rest your legs after a long work day.

interior design fair interior design fair interior design fair interior design fair

The eye candy of the fair was definitely our new sofa MONEE. We know that MONEE looks really comfortable on a picture and to be completely honest – it is! The sofa’s wooden frame is softened by breathable HR foam and feather chambers inside the pillows. Thereat plywood tile inside the pillows will protect the pillows from sagging. MONEE is available in two sizes and with chaise lounge. You can choose between nice natural or black wooden or chic black metal legs for the couch.

interior design fair

Last but not least, we introduce to you our new stool WING. WING is minimalistic yet has quirk because its shape resembles wings. In ancient Greece wings symbolized travelling. Since WING works well as a boudoir chair, a seater for the foot of your bed or in the hallway, it is always there to help you while you are getting ready for the adventures waiting ahead.

interior design fair

These products are, in fact, so new that they are not yet available on our webshop. If you’re interested then contact us at or visit us at our studio at Rävala puiestee 7, Tallinn.