Finnish blogger Kaisa’s design, vintage and crafts filled home in Helsinki

This time we’re sneaking in to a lovely family home in Helsinki. The graphic and clearly nordic house belongs to Kaisa Palomäki and her family. Kaisa is an inspiring mom, blogger and shopkeeper from Finland. Enjoy the short interview focusing on her home below.  

Whose home is this? How did you find “the right place”?

This home belongs to me, my partner, our baby girl and a cat called Mr. Paw. My friend, who was living next door, hinted about this house a few years ago when it was still under construction. I hadn’t heard about this area earlier and fell in love with it when I visited the construction site for the first time. She was still is living next to us with her family and we have such a great community here with couple of our neighbours.

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Who are you as a person; the work, the hobbies? 

At the moment I’m in a maternity leave from the field of trade. I’ve been dealing with different tasks in my career – from importing goods to project managing and strategy work. Before that I worked a few years as a journalist. I’m also a part-time entrepreneur as a blogger and I have created a small web store where I sell my posters. All my hobbies relate somewhat to visual aspects: I love styling, photography and graphic design. I create different kind of interior elements myself and enjoy sewing and knitting my baby’s clothes. I suppose that spending quite a lot of time with different social media apps, my blog and other inspirational sites around the internet could categorize as a hobby as well.

DIY-hand-towels-kitchen-No-Home-Without-You keittio-CC-8828-2Bkopio

Did you design the interior by yourself? Where did the inspiration for designing your home came from?

I’ve planned the home all by myself –  from the design of the sauna to the kitchen cabinets and other surface materials. For me the sources for inspiration are different, for example at that time I desired a bright modern Swedish style kitchen with a hint of romantic aspects. Now I get my largest inspiration from Danish minimalism and traditional Finnish design. Sometimes it is even hard to have all this inspiration available, I already have many ideas and dreams for redoing my kitchen.

DIY-dream-catcher-No-Home-Without-Youno-home-without-you-oot-oot-blog  hakola-pöytäno-home-without-you-oot-oot-blog

Which designers work do you enjoy? 

I admire the work of young and talented designers and their rising small brands. I have made several super fine findings from different design and flea markets, these are the places where I get really excited.

What design brands have you used for furnishing and decorating your home? 

I really enjoy my table from Hakola which is designed by a talented Anna-Leena Hämäläinen and made by hand in Finland. It makes the atmosphere of the whole living room so cosy. Besides that, we have a lamp from Artek, a cabinet from BoConcept, a pillow from Ferm Living, a small tray from Hay, art prints from Paper Collective and dishes from Iittala, Arabia, Marimekko and Muuto. I’ve mixed these designs with my flea market finds, hand made decor and some other inexpensive furniture for example from Ikea and Ellos.

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I saw that your home is influenced of different DIY projects. Which is your favorite DIY piece so far? 

The favorite must be the wooden fairy light kind of a installation in our living room that I made out of construction waste. I also like the aztec wall hanging in our bedroom.

Which is the most valuable memory that comes to your mind with your home?

I have so many good memories with our home already. The most memorable of them all are these: the time after my baby girl’s birth, the first morning at home, the highly emotional name party, the day my partner proposed to me and of course the fun evenings with our friends and neighbours.

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Which 5 words would you use to describe your home?

Modern but cosy, clearly Scandinavian, full of graphic patterns and love.

Which is your favorite place at your home? 

Actually I have two answers for this one. First thing that popped into my mind was the living room table because usually the best moments shared with family and friends happen around it. The second place is my crafts room, where I can let my creative bohemian spirit free without thinking about the mess I create.

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Photography by Kaisa Palomäki (No Home Without You)