The long awaited Oot-Oot Studio bed is now ready!

Designers Marko Ala, Joonas Torim and Mihkel Mölder were tasked with creating an airy Scandinavian-style bed which would be durable as well as practical.
The outcome is a bed system which is built on a sturdy metal frame and has replaceable fabric components, feet, and headboards. This means that if the user feels like changing the appearance of the bed, they can simply order new covers for the frame and the headboard, a new set of feet, or a headboard with a completely different design. The frame will always remain the same. The new bed is also easy to move, as the system is compact and no tools are required for the assembly, which is a manageable task for anyone.

Check out the bed in our Tallinn salon, Rävala puiestee 7 or online: BEDS