New face at the Studio – Mihkel Mölder

Great plans and many good ideas, but not enough manpower. That is exactly what led to this, that there is now one extra pair of hands and another bright head in the product developing department.  

The parts mentioned above belong to a talented young designer Mihkel Mölder, who starting from this autumn will be member of the Oot-Oot Studio team. What fascinates Mihkel, what he thinks of design and designing and more interesting things will be revealed in the following interview.

How did You ended up in the Oot-Oot Studio’s team?

Last year I graduated furniture design and restoration speciality in Tartu Art College. Year ago I already knew that the graduating is basically around the corner and I need to start thinking about finding a job in design or furniture industry. I decided to send an application for trainee position to Oot-Oot Studio which turned out to be my new job. I think that my values and beliefs matched their point of view on design and that is why they decided to accept my application. I also think that my 3D drawings impressed them.

How can Oot-Oot Studio benefit from You?

I hope I can bring some fresh ideas to the table, an extra point of view. I will also help them with technical drawings. While giving over some resposibilities, the designers Marko and Joonas will have more time to elevate the company to the next level.

What is the first experience with the Oot-Oot Studio’s design? 

I was planning on making a sofa as the final project at the university. I wanted the sofa to be light, have interesting form and be qualitative. Around that time Oot-Oot Studio designed the sofa Cosmo which was an excellent example of good and thoughtful furniture design. I’ve been keeping my eye on them since.

Are You the right person for Oot-Oot Studio?  

I am young, talented and ready to work hard. My beliefs, values and point of view matches with Oot-Oot Studio’s aesthetics.

What fascinates You outside the working hours?

I’ve been playing basketball for years and I also enjoy other sports. Thanks to my brother I enjoy making music a lot, I sing and play piano and guitar. I try hard to practise as many different thing as possible in addition to my main hobby – work.

What do You think about Estonian design and it’s future?

Estonian design is fascinating, but it is still very raw. I think that the golden years for Estonian design are coming soon. The more estonians accept and consume the local design the more we can catch eye abroad.


Which characterises You are as a designer?

I am curious and courageous. I am not affraid of experimenting nor failing. All the experiences let me evolve as a designer. I want to create designs which have quality both material and functional. The design has to last and offer the most reasonable solution to the problem. The estetics are also important.

Which characterises You are as a consumer of design?

I appreciate design as a whole. I like when the product has the story, functionality and estetics altogether. Right now I am focusing on creating and improving my own designs.

Which designers or brands do You like?

If something cool is happening, I must know. I keep my eye on the entire design world. The more exciting designers for me would be Benjamin Hubert, Philippe Starck and many others. I am also curious to learn more about the older design, vintage furniture and so on.

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According to the answers we suppose that big things are going to happen in Oot-Oot Studio. The product developing department is working with full power. The new sofa Frend is only the first of many new designs to be revealed so stay tuned!

interviewer: Oot-Oot Studio

answered: Mihkel Mölder