The 60s Never Left – an exceptional home from Estonia

The 60s-70s styled interiors keep us wondering – why those brilliant decades had to come to an end? Whether different decades from the past are making comeback or a new era is beginning – the interior design could easily stay like it was 50 years ago.  

The home designed by Toomas Volkmann is great example of the 60s style. In virtue of the home owner’s inspiration, the series “Mad Men”, the decision was to represent more luxurious and design-conscious side of that decade. Styling is very consitent, together with the many well-known design classics some contemporary furniture, like Oot-Oot Studio’s sofa Cosmo, is also blended in.


The Estonian sofa is surrounded by amazing companions: coffee table «Condor» is by Swedish designer Fredrik Schiever-Abeln (1960), pendant Bolide in the living room is design of Hermian Sneyders de Vogel (1971), sofa Baker by Finn Juhl (1951) and Taccia lamp (designed 1958) from Flos collection.


When living room and office show brightly powerful colors and patterns, then while still staying in the same decade bedroom feels more luxuriant due to the choice of textiles and soft monochrome color palette.


The furniture that was too difficult to find – bedroom nightstands, office and bathroom furnishings – was designed by Toomas Volkmann and specially made for this apartmant.

Easy yet clever detail, to give the true feeling of 60s, is the wooden boards covered wall. More than that, this large consistent surface is widening the small apartment while hiding up the bathroom door and hallway storage room as well.

SILVER.KODU.FOTO.9195  SILVER.KODU.FOTO.9212SILVER.KODU.FOTO.5846When the visual is strongly 60s, the comfort and technological solutions of contemporary times are not forgotten. Modern technology is just well hiden. For example the TV is displaced by a screen rolling down from the ceiling when necessary.

As far as the smallest details everything is though-out to stay true to the style – like the old movie posters on the walls and ceramic vases on the shelves. In the summertime interior goes on outside – the terrace offers astonishing view to Estonian pine forest and the 5pm sun.


Interior design and photos: Toomas Volkmann

Words: Silvia Pärmann