The ash wood story – Morgan cars and our furniture

It is important not to forget the details. The sofas, benches, tables and other furniture pieces in our collection are the one’s who get most attention. This time we would like to point out the tiny but strong and very significant «boys», the legs of our furniture and the material ash wood. 

We use Estonian made lathe-technique ash wood legs in our collection. The wood itself is also local, which makes the legs even more unique. To honour the pure and beautiful apperance of ash wood, legs are finished only with natural oil. Paint, stain or other extras can be added later independently. The ash wood is valuable because it’s good qualities.


The good qualities

Ash wood is hard yet tough, the mechanical abilities like stinginess and flexibility make it a good material to work with. The distinguishing growth rings, the naturally beautiful wood grain and gentle red shade make the ash wood interesting and unique.

The selection of ash wood products is wide – furniture, interior decoration details, veneer, parquet, skiis, bats and other sports equipment, frames for cars and even early aircrafts, details for heavy machinery, carts and so on.


The «wooden» cars

It might seem weird that in 21st century someone is making car frames out of wood. As odd as it sounds, Morgan Motor Company from England is doing that. The charismatic vintage-look craftmanship cars are made of high-quality materials such as ash wood for frames. The «Classic» 4/4 is the world’s longest-running production vehicle.


From the very beginning in 1909 until now they have been using ash for the frames. It’s not only because of the nostalgic efect and tradition, but it is also because of wood’s durability, flexibility and other good qualities.


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