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Eclectic interior of a furniture designer

Four years ago Joonas went to the old factory building Norma in Tallinn, in the hope of finding the canvas for his new home. On the very last floor, just under the roof, the desired “black box” was waiting for him to be turned into a nordic and eclectic world of Joonas.

Take your time with home

That eclectic and full of details interior didn’t arise overnight. The furnishing takes it’s time, every piece needs to be found and fitted to the room. “I’m used to thinking that I had time with my home. At first it is important to figure out the system for the apartment to start functioning like a home. All the other things come later.” Smart choices of how to put together modern design with vintage classics give the home it’s apealingness.


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The details come with time

Joonas doesn’t like mass production design. “After few years an expensive mass-production piece can end up totally worthless.” The interior gains a lot of identity from Joonas, whose hobby of collecting propellers and Soviet-time interior design magazines can be seen in almost every room. Every detail in his home has a story. “When I travel to Vienna, I always go thrift shopping. Once I bought implausibly many different steel things: the Caesar Stoffi and Fritz Mageli 60s vintage candleholder, some kitchen cutlery, steel-lamp and also some details for my bicycle. When I arrived to the airport and had to go through the security control, they thought I’m going to build a bomb or something. I had to put the candleholder together piece after piece, so they would believe me.”

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Eyecatcher and dustcatcher

There are many open surface in the apartment. “Basically I don’t have any cupboards at all.” The plentiful world of Joonas is situated on shelves, racks, tables and other open surfaces. “The open shelves are both the eyecathcers and the dustcatchers.” admits Joonas. The interior in it’s entirety is an eye candy; the dark bathroom ceiling is mysterious, the solution for bedroom is rather minimalistic and calm, the home office with it’s modern technology is balanced with a wooden wall. The light colored carpet allows the exquisite vintage chairs to shine. Some retro vibe is added to the otherwise light and rational nordic bedroom with vintage wall-hangings.


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No fireplace means new place

Interior designing has become a certain enjoyable habitual thing for him. The apartment in the old Estoian factory house Norma is now the past. Place for new home is already bought, but there are not as much time to deal with it right now. “Right now I’m decorating other people’s homes with beautiful and qualitative sofas.” says Joonas, referring to the Oot-Oot Studio and the furniture his designing there with a friend and designer Marko Ala. The favorite place to be at home for him is in front of the fireplace. “I would like to sit by the fireplace after busy workday, but unfortunately I didn’t have the oportunity there. Maybe that is the reason why I needed a new place to live.” says Joonas and stays mysterious about the future plans.

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Text: Oot-Oot Stuudio

Photography: Terje Ugandi; Priit Grepp