In this bright and Nordic interior the main focus is on Estonian design and the owner’s collection of art. Gladly our Cosmo sofa, armchair, footstool and sideboard Hosh are also set in.  

The harmoniously minimalistic yet warm interior is designed by Britta Kongo from studio BK Ruum. Read the interview below to find out the designer’s principles for creating a consistent interior and the story behind this home.


You are currently working as an interior architect and designer in your own studio BK Ruum. How would you describe your style of work and creative language?  

I would describe my style to be strongly minimalist and Scandinavian, my tools are light, wide space and natural materials. In nordic climate it is important to use all the sunshine we’re given and make the rooms as bright as possible. I always try to create open rooms so the light can move around.

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In my opinion, everything in the room has to have a purpose. And then there are the personal things and everyday “mess” that are necessary to make the home – it could be a pile of magazines on the living room floor or souvenirs on the shelves. Executed in natural materials the result is cozy and wholesome space, where residents feel good to be in – this is what my design esthetics are all about.


What is important for creating consistent interior? Is this home reflecting the personality of the owner and how?

When designing a home, I always keep in mind the personality, the wishes and needs of that exact person or family who will be the residents. I feel like a psychologist, whose task is to create wholesome home using the hidden thoughts and desires in my clients’ heads. The harmony can happen only in collaboration between me and the client.

The young and lively chemistry doctress living in this home, has been collecting different kind of art for some time now – paintings, sculptures etc. Wanting to exhibit her collection at home, the characteristics of the apartment grew out of the art and her admiration towards it.

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What about your own home? Is it easier to design your own living or someone else’s home? 

It might seem that because of my profession it is extremely easy to design my own living. It is almost true, I like the fact, that when having new ideas on the table, I always know which is the best working and right solution for me. On the other hand I get inspired too often and I stubbornly want to try out every new thing right away. My home is a work in process and will probably always be.


Besides our products, many other Estonian designers are featured as well. Where did you find the right furniture and interior accessories for the place?

I always choose Estonian design before others, because we have so many outstanding designers. The quality, finess and nordic feel of the local design is simply remarkable, it would be stupid not to support it. The belief in locality was something we had in common with the resident of that home.

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Her favorite, the Oot-Oot Studio’s sofa Cosmo, dictated the further choices. Naturally the armchair Cosmo and sideboard Hosh from Oot-Oot came along. The dinner and coffee table are from Softrend, the carpets from Narma. Every piece of furniture or interior accessory has a story to tell. The stool “Tibu” by Maria Rästa in bedroom is inspired by a little chick, it just kept reminding a funny story to my client and had to be chosen. The alarm clock J.C. on the stool is also by Maria Rästa.

The warm wind is blowing and sun is shining outside. What would you say, how to freshen up the home for spring?

First of all, to let the spring fully in, make the windows shine again.

Bring greenery inside – large plants add the wild, fresh and lively sence to the home.

Play arround with the textiles. Add some color and bold-patterns to spring up your home!


Words: Oot-Oot Studio and Britta Kongo

Images: Pirjo Kullerkupp