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The almost “black and white” home in Helsinki

From the light wooden floor and white walls to black and grey furniture and home decor the home of Maiju Lagerstedt from #lagerma blog demonstrates a nice palette of different shades of “black and white” colors. The quick interview below reveales the story behind the beautiful Nordic interior.

Whose home is this? Does your home reflect the personality of you and your family?

This is home of me Maiju, my husband Misha and our little boy Lenni. At my day job I’m working as a marketing and communication director. My job is pretty hectic and days are demanding, so I wanted my home to be the place where I can really calm down and spend time with my family. In my spare time I also write the blog , which is another place for me and for the readers  to escape from the daily routine. For me one of the most relaxing things is dreaming of new decoration projects, I haven’t done too many so far, but I have many plans and drawings already. I love designing interiors and my dream is to combine my marketing expertise to my passion. Soon I will figure out how to do it! Me and my husband also love to cook, which is the reason why we especially focused on the kitchen, when we were renovation our home. My blog is mostly about interior design and home decor, but there are also some recipes and other everyday doings every once in a while.

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How did you find “the right place”?

We found this appartment three years ago. The appartment was in terrible condition, but we saw the potential in the first sight and felt that this is the right place. The heart of the appartment is the big central wall with doors and windows which is almost the only thing that we saved from the original interior, everything else we built up from nothing. Our home is located across the Helsinki’s stadion and that was the one big reason why we loved this place so much. The stadion tower is pretty impressive sight.

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Where did the inspiration for your home come from?

Since we designed all the interior by ourselves the online-environment Pinterest and interior magazines were the main sources of inspiration.  I also like to gather new ideas from the surrounding interiors for example the public places, restaurant, hotels and design shops. I like to match vintage details and more modern things but the style has to stay very simple and effortless.

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The true scandinavian interior is simple yet layered, the mild ensemble of textiles, graphics, furniture and other elements create a dreamy interior. Seems like a perfect place for relaxation, family time and wishful thinking. Don’t forget to take a look at Maiju’s blog to get to know more about her, her family, her style and gain some home decor inspiration.

Photos: Riikka Kantinkoski

Styling: Maiju Lagerstedt,