Can a sofa bed be comfortable to sit on and sleep in and look beautiful at the same time?

The designers of Oot-Oot Studio can give you the answer: yes! In addition to the new bed, HOLM, a completely new sofa bed, FOLD, has just been added to the product range.
‘A good sofa bed is a great challenge for a designer. In general, sofa beds are not the best beds or even comfortable sofas. In addition, they often look awkward. We wanted to create something that would be airy and with long legs, not rooted to the ground as usual,’ explains designer Joonas Torim.

High-quality spring blocks provide softness to the seating and sleeping parts of the FOLD sofa bed, which is designed on a strong metal frame. The sofa has a 200 × 140cm sleeping area between the fairly wide armrests. The total length of the sofa is 230 cm and it can seat 3–4 people. FOLD easily turns into a bed, with just a few movements: move the seat forward and fold the backrest down. You can choose different wooden legs or a slim metal leg for the sofa. From the wide selection of upholstery fabrics, you can find your favourite among 30 different fabrics and 1,000 colours.

Find out more about the FOLD sofa bed online: FOLD SOFA BED or in our Tallinn salon.

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