Evelina Kravaev Söderberg and her scandinavian home

H&M Home’s head of design Evelina Kravaev Söderberg inspiring home in Stockholm is a good example of modern nordic living. The beautiful vintage-furniture, modern design and clever play with detailing are the key-words to describe the characteristics of the interior.

gallery-1439931438-hm-home-evelina-150klarb gallery-1439932943-hm-home-evelina-383klarb 

The classic are set against the contemporary,well-known designers like Eames and Aalto interact with pieces from H&M Home and other modern design brands. The white-colored walls and the natural wooden flooring create calm background for the interior and let the carefully picked furniture and details to stick out.

gallery-1439931736-hm-home-evelina-437klarb gallery-1439931949-hm-home-evelina-481klarb

In the interview with the Elle Decor magazine Söderberg explains, that if you want to surround yourself with things you love, like she did, it will take you a lot of time. Seems that this is the formula how to create and design consistent and at the same time homely interior.

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Source and photos: Elle Decor

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