Designer sketching new products, armchairs, for Oot-Oot Studio furniture collection. Disainer visandab uusi tugitooli disaine Oot-Oot Stuudio mööbli kollektsiooni.



Sneak peek of 3 new products in development

In the upcoming year we are planning on adding many new products to our collection. We would like to share the projects with you. 

All the people in Oot-Oot Studio are involved in product development process. The leading designers are Joonas Torim and Mihkel Mölder.


The first new design is a three-legged stool with felted cover. It is important to get all the details on spot to make the stool work. It is stackable and light, the characteristics are clean lines and simple design.


The second projects in development is the armchair and there are a lot of ideas to try out. The question is whether to make one or three armchairs for the collection.Oot-Oot_Studio_q8Oot-Oot_Studio_q9

The third new product is pendant done in industrial felt textile. Mihkel started working with the prototype of the luminaire while still studying at the university last year to present this as the final project. Now the prototype has been improved and is almost ready to be manucatured. The pendant will be available in two sizes and colors, the light and dark grey version.

All the new products will be on our website soon. 

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