Frantic and courageous home at old Tuudi railway station in Estonia

The Tuudi railway station is situated at the west region of the Estonia. Inside the ascetic station building, a mix of functionalism and traditionalism architecture planned by Leon Johanson from year 1930, is created courageous interior. 

The upstanding wooden windows, doors and floors are originals and together with the calcareous-white walls and ceilings create a calm and natural backdrop for the frantic furniture. The colorful and graphical interior decorations and bold combinations of different materials add even more craziness.


The inside of the station building is a mixture of different times and styles. The Royal Nosta glazed tile fireplace and carved table by the kitchen have the renaissance feeling, the more massive wooden furniture and chests in bedrooms represent the rustical and earthy style.

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There are also many refined vintage pieces from the 20th century like cupboards, tables and armchairs everywhere in the house, the toy truck filled with barbies on the livingroom, the plastic torso in the bedroom and many more details put out on the shelves carry some dadaism or postmodernism kind of a spirit.


More pictures and information about the whole territory of Tuudi railway station can be found at City24 website, where the house is up for sale.

Photos: Baltic Sotheby’s International Realty