Oot-Oot Studio is an Estonian furniture manufacturer, whose collection includes stylish sofas, armchairs and beds. All of the nordic styled furniture is designed, developed and manufactured in Estonia. Let’s find out what is the story behind the freshest design of the furniture studio, the sofa bed called FOLD.

The answers are from the designer Joonas Torim

Why create a new sofa bed when there are already so many options on the market?

It is true, there are already a lot of sofa beds in the world, but our customers kept on asking when will some of them appear in our selection. We realized that the market is missing a sofa bed, where it would be comfortable to sit, to sleep and it would also look nice. It is not easy to achieve these three qualities at once.

Describe the initial task of the FOLD design.

In most cases, sofa beds have a floor frame, ie they are without legs. Our desire was to create something that would be airy and elegant. A sofa on high legs, where it is actually comfortable to sit. But just as important was that the sleep would be pleasant as well, and that the sofa would transform into a bed in a simple and easy way and also that the system would be durable.

What was the biggest challenge in developing the sofa bed?

Everything was a big challenge! First, finding a suitable solution. The ready-made mechanisms were too weak and we decided to produce our own metal frame especially for this sofa. Creating suitable proportions proved to be a challenge, as we did not want to compromise on the sitting comfort and practicality. It all took a lot of time, but it ended up paying off!

Mugav diivanvoodi

What are the most important features of the FOLD sofa for you?

There are a lot of them! But first of all, it is actually nice to sit there! Secondly, a strong and durable metal frame. In both the sitting area and the sleeping area, we use coil springs, just like in a mattress of a real bed. The sleeping area is 2 meters long, so it can also accommodate taller people and it is 140 cm wide, which is, for example, the standard size for mattress toppers. But with all of its functionality, FOLD looks like a regular sofa – airy, beautiful and invitingly soft.

ilus diivanvoodiHow to recognize great design?

When you do not have second thoughts! And when there is nothing wrong! Everything can never be right because that is relative, but great design is when there is nothing wrong.

The sofa FOLD is the latest design of the Estonian Oot-Oot Studio and it is also the studio’s first sofa bed. You can choose from hundreds of colours and five different types of foot design.

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