Shell gas station converted to galerist Juerg Judin’s home and studio

The gas station built in 1954 was abandoned for many years until the galerist Juerg Judin decided to have it, the year was 2005. The convertion from gas station to home and studio took 3 years and the process was completed with the help of German design studio BFS Design

The home is surrounded by exquisite garden in which the most honourable members are the 60 years old pine trees. The trees were planted when building the gas station at the first place. The 2 metres high fence keeps the 800 mplace hidden from passerby and creates surreal urban oasis right in the city of Berlin. An interesting concept through the project is the harmony and symbiosis between historic and contemporary which is seen in interior, architecture and landscape design.

Photos via FRAME, photographer Ailine Liefeld.

framemag-freunde-von-freunden-juerg-judin-254029_full  framemag-freunde-von-freunden-juerg-judin05-254064_full gas-station-garden-patio-2-Freunde-von-Freunden-Juerg-Judin-gardenistaframemag-freunde-von-freunden-juerg-judin07-254049_full

Photos via FRAME, photographer Ailine Liefeld.

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