IMG_7886vVisiting the unbelievable Tuudi railway station

Words and images: Marko Ala

Some time ago we spotted an interesting house online – Tuudi railway station. The restored station building is now on sale and we wanted to have a closer look.

Heading to the west of Estonia, the drive to Tuudi takes exactly one hour. Surrounded by silence and serenity, among powerful nature and forest, we spot the perfectly restored funk-building from 1930s designed by Leon Johanson. The railway is gone, but the long straight road looming in the forest is still reminding it.


Seen the place only on pictures before, we were glad to witness something as special and powerful with our own eyes. So many details! At first sight everything seems chaotic and coincidental, but after some time things start to make sence. Every detail is placed thoughtfully, things are narrators telling stories in every corner of the interior. This is just unbelievable!


The waiting room is now turned into spacious living room. The heart of the room is an old Royal Nosta tiled stove. The interior is finished perfectly, only with honest, breathing and natural materials.


Enchanting door handles made of glass from the czarist era, frisky modern Barbie dolls and aged toys like wooden blocks work together harmoniously and act in behalf of this wild interior.


There appears to be many nostalgic objects and recognition for every generation.


Besides living room and kitchen, there are also the bedroom, office and bathroom on the first floor. Ofcourse this is not some ordinary bathroom – there are more to discover than in one’s whole home. The objects are collected during trips and adventures across the Europe.

IMG_7753vIMG_7763vIMG_7848vIMG_7852vIMG_7755vIMG_7858vIMG_7758vIMG_7850vIMG_7771vIMG_7876vIMG_7741vIMG_7731vIMG_7859vIMG_7738vIMG_7865vIMG_7860vIMG_7863vIMG_7843vIMG_7840vIMG_7727v IMG_7875v IMG_7872v

Up from the stairs and we’re on the second floor. Four bedrooms and two bathrooms, all filled with light and exciting furnishing. Every room has a different theme and feeling!

IMG_7681v IMG_7669v IMG_7666vIMG_7604vIMG_7609vIMG_7614v

From electrcity system, old doors to detailing – everything about this space is quintessential, bold and adventurous.

IMG_7610vIMG_7583vIMG_7649vIMG_7654vIMG_7596vIMG_7655vIMG_7598vIMG_7600vIMG_7592vIMG_7640vIMG_7594v IMG_7643vIMG_7589v IMG_7630v IMG_7635vIMG_7586v IMG_7624v IMG_7620v IMG_7618v IMG_7582v IMG_7578vIMG_7877vTwo floors long history and nostalgia gest behind, the fresh air sure clears the mind for a second. Straight away we spot an outstanding 1930s cellarage and what seems to be an usual shed across the yard. Ofcourse the shed is nothing usual around here…


Bordered with small pond and wooden terrace the “black box” hides an amazing world in it. From shed to stylish saunahouse, the building is filled with intriguing elements to discover and recognize from the past times.

IMG_7931vIMG_7955vIMG_7944vIMG_7949vIMG_7964vIMG_7973v  IMG_7982v

That is not all! There is another shed in the yard. An old wooden wheel in one room and historically furnished sport’s hall in another.

IMG_7988v IMG_7990v IMG_8003vIMG_7997vIMG_8006v

Few years ago the Tuudi railway station was in ruins, today the place is turned into an unexpected interior executed in pure style. We had a chance to witness the revitalization of old-time values spiced up with modern elements and great dose of crazy. The visit to Tuudi was inspiring and the positive emotion will definitely stick with us for long time!