The living room is one of the most important spaces in a home, the place you turn to whether you are gathering for a birthday party or putting your feet up on a lazy Saturday morning. So it is necessary to have seating that does it all: effortlessly punctuates the center of the room, allows for extra guests, and offers the best comfort.

MOOD and BOLD modular blocks are another recurrent phenomenon in the world of dynamic furniture design, consists of separate geometric elements that are connected by clamps. Sofas bring a modern perspective to the typology, allowing for its user to customize the sofa for their exact spatial and aesthetic needs with different modules.


Sometimes you might want to lie down and take a break! If you need an extra place for an overnight guest to sleep or you love to fall asleep while reading or watching TV. Our modular sofas have a flat surface which is just as comfortable for sitting as for sleeping. A modular sofa is the perfect answer to your needs. You can easily and smoothly change the sofa into a bed or armchair, making a few changes.

The modular sofa MOOD has a clean and pure Scandinavian design. High legs add more air and visual room to your home. Modules are available in different sizes and you can choose between 5 different sofa legs.


Modular sofas are a practical choice if special solutions are needed and the dimensions of a classic sofa do not fit. Various furniture elements can be set in such a way as to use all space. If it turns out that the sofa does not fit in the space intended for it, easily unplug one module and place it in a different place, creating a chair or footrest.


It allows more seating capacity and occupying a wasted corner can bring a whole new meaning to putting your feet up. The modular furniture system makes them look great both in small rooms and large ones.

The upholstered sofa BOLD combines Nordic form with practicality and purpose. BOLD has the most enjoyable seating you will ever probably experience because of the comfortable foam and feather seatings.

Thanks to the possibility of any set of individual modules, these modules are ideal for rooms with a difficult layout or very useful when moving. Modular sectionals allow your seating arrangements to be easily disassembled and transported to your new location. Besides, the individual pieces are much easier to protect against damage.

With a modular sectional, you will have more creative options to customize the look of the sectional for your home. You can even use different colors and fabrics to help you make a statement piece. Mix and match various fabrics to create the perfect look for your home. Oot-Oot Studio has 50 different textile varieties and 1200 color options.

When it is time to choose a modular sofa, make sure to check how to plug and unplug different parts of the sofa.

Oot-Oot Studio modular sofas have special clamps under the frame for connecting the different parts and clamps also exclude the chance of sofa sliding apart. It is also possible to hide the clamp under the sofa if you do not need to use them.

Oot-Oot Studio is a furniture studio standing for lasting and practical design through quality, functionality, and style. Our furniture is always executed in pure nordic aesthetics and thought out to smallest details.