Armchair VOOG


One armchair can have very different effects when placed in different environments. In addition, the face of a chair is even more changed by the selected fabric and legs. Armchair VOOG is available with different legs and a very wide range of fabrics.

The armchair VOOG is the fruit of the long-term development work of the Estonian furniture company Oot-Oot Studio. The aim was to create an armchair that would look impressive, would be compact enough, and above all, would provide a comfortable seat. So there’s a lot of emphasis on the ergonomics of the armchair, and with the footrest you can enjoy a long movie or reading night. In addition, the armrests of the armchair are designed to make working with the laptop computer or doing needlework in the chair comfortable.

The armchair is built on a sturdy metal frame and is moulded using high-pressure die-casting technology that ensures a long lifetime of the chair. This same technology is also used in the manufacture of airplane and train seats, where, at 24/7 intensity, the chair should not show signs of fatigue even after 10 to 15 years.

What changes the look of a chair the most is the fabric chosen for it.

The selection of Oot-Oot Studio contains over forty different fabrics and covers more than thousand colours. The most popular are highly-cleanable and high-wear polyester fabrics, which are chosen for families with small children and pets. From high-quality fabric, it is also possible to remove hard-to-remove stains of coffee and red wine. People who love Scandinavian style cosiness often choose woollen fabrics. However, modern velvet fabrics are suitable when softness, elegance, and ease of cleaning are important.

You can choose between beautiful solid wood legs, black wood legs, or even trendy metal legs for the armchair.

Oot-Oot Studio products are 100% designed, developed and manufactured in Estonia. This way we can guarantee the best quality and fast delivery time.

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