The new design by Oot-Oot Studio designers, the MOSS sofa is an extremely soft and comfortable sofa with its curved shapes that even invite you to sit.

The spacious sofa has a fairly large seating depth, where it is very nice to sink into. Grab your favourite book and a warm plaid and just enjoy. Or throw your feet in front of the sofa, on a MOSS pouffe and a cosy movie night may begin!

Edging accenting the pure form and beautiful proportions of the sofa at the edges of the sections make the sofa even more elegant.

“When creating the sofa we were first and foremost inspired by the feedback from our customers. We wanted to design a soft sofa that already looks invitingly soft, but with a clean Scandinavian design,” explains the designer Joonas Torim.

The sofa MOSS is available in two different lengths and also with chaise lounge. You can personalize the sofa by finding the right fabric and shade from a wide range of fabrics.


Oot-Oot Studio is an Estonian quality furniture manufacturer. The entire product range is designed and manufactured in Estonia.

Salon: Rävala puiestee 7, Tallinn.