Photographer Alina Birjuk finds that the sofa plays an important role in the design of a room. For her studio apartment, which has pink walls, Alina chose a moss green LEAF velvet sofa.

How long have you been into photography? How did you discover it?
My interest in it actually began at a time that I don’t even remember anymore. The memories have been passed on to me by my mother, who has told me stories about how she had to systematically hide the camera from me, as otherwise I would have taken pictures until the camera ran out of battery. I consciously began to use the camera when I was 16 years old. At the time, I took pictures of everything around me that seemed the least bit interesting to me, and I carried my camera with me every day.

What is your specialization within the profession?
At the moment, I mostly do advertising photography, but I also do event and portrait photography. I like my job to have variety, so I haven’t chosen one particular specialization.

But maybe you could choose three things that you would take into account when designing your home?
One thing I love is mixing and matching timeless style furniture for an eclectic result. Before bringing something new into my home I always consider that the object should remain in my space for as long as possible. There is also always room in my home for items with attitude. For example, I have a bright pink landline telephone in my home, which actually doesn’t even work. But it has a certain character which contributes so much to my home every day. Of course, it is great to use for photo shoots as well. As the third thing, I would definitely have to mention plants! Greenery and plants give new life to every space.

What are your recommendations to someone who would like to make their home cozier?
To me, coziness means a pleasantly scented home, which is why I absolutely love candles. Especially scented candles and perfumes for freshening up the home. Music also helps turn a house into a home. Everyone should invest in a good stereo system or vinyl record player – depending on their taste – when planning their home. Carpets also bring a visual softness to the home.

Describe your perfect sofa?
Because to me, the sofa is one of the major design elements of the room, it plays a big role. However, it should not take all the attention away from the rest of the room. I also think that a sofa should be just uncomfortable enough to keep you from falling asleep whilst relaxing on it.

Would you recommend velvet fabric to others?
Like all good things, velvet requires love and care, but that is definitely achievable. What I especially like about my own velvet sofa is that it has long threads, which gives it a spotty and not so tidy look that can’t be achieved with a fabric couch. So yes, I would definitely recommend it!


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