pet friendly fabrics


Snuggling up with your pet on the sofa in the evening is the dream. Am I right? But let’s be honest. It can be quite the struggle to protect your home decor from fur shedding, claws, mud and who knows what else our sweethearts bring on the sofa with them. What if I tell you that you do not need to make sacrifices in aesthetics when it comes to choosing your sofa. Here are 3 beautiful-looking and practical fabric options that you and your pet will love. Plus, a little cheat-sheet with what to avoid when choosing the fabric.


Stella is a polyester fabric with a very high abrasion resistance (180 500 Martindale). It is soft for your skin and its thick weave makes it difficult for your pet to scratch any threads out. Since Stella is a smooth fabric it is an ease to maintain it as well. The shedding fur will pretty much roll right off of your sofa with just a few swipes. With our stain tests we have conquered both coffee and red wine stains. We have given it some good scratching with successful results too. Stella is definitely one of the most practical fabrics out there. Plus, it has a wide selection of colours to choose from.

nurgadiivan kulmasohva corner sofa


If you like a zig-zag pattern, then it is all about Jazz. Like Stella, Jazz is a polyester fabric with a very high abrasion resistance (120 000 Martindale) and it has a thick weave. The fabric has been created to resist dirt and flames. With Jazz you have a choice between 22 colours. It is certainly a fabric to use if you want your sofa to be a stand-out piece in your home.

diivanikangas sofa fabric


I bet that most people think a velvet fabric is a no-go when you are a pet owner. Actually, there is this velvet fabric that will work well with pets. It is called Icon. Similarly to Stella and Jazz, Icon has a high abrasion resistance (100 000 Martindale), it is soft, has a thick weave and is easily cleanable due to its shorter cut thread. Choose this fabric when you want a super soft trendy sofa at your home.

What to avoid when choosing a fabric for your sofa?

  • Avoid loose-fibred fabrics – too easy to scratch threads out;
  • Avoid natural fabrics – they are high maintenance;
  • Avoid wool or suede fabrics – difficult to get hair out.